The weird things that Stacey Norman absolutely loves

The weird things that Stacey Norman absolutely loves

Your new lunchtime host is different, quirky, and loves a few weird things. We sat down with her to get the skinny on it all.

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Not only is she beautiful, young, and talented, but Stacey Norman is also a lover of things that may be considered weird to some. 

Tuesday marked her first show, which she described as "What a vibe" when the clock struck 3pm. 

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that in addition to loving sneakers, this Stacey does her entire three-hour show while standing. We asked her why she doesn't choose to sit.

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"I mean how can I do radio without dancing? I have to stand in order to feel the beat and talk to my listeners," she said. 

Previously, Stacey has described herself as 'extra' and 'weird', but how far does this go? We asked her to give us a list of the weird things that she loves. 

Check it out (in no particular order) below:

  • Reading her horoscopes in delay to check if they are true or not 
  • Eating stale cheese Nik Naks
  • Her love for sneakers 
  • Being barefoot
  • Dance walking - When she hears her jam, she's guaranteed to dance along

Do you love something that's considered 'weird' to some? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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