Priyanka Chopra flash's her engagement ring!

Priyanka Chopra flash's her engagement ring!

Now that's some serious bling! Priyanka Chopra shows off her engagement ring, finally! Oprah's health scare and Demi Lee's beau is a darling. Find out more on the #HotGoss with Jane.

Priyanka Chopra engagement ring
Priyanka Chopra engagement ring/ Instagram

Priyanka Chopra shows off her engagement ring

Let's face it, some of you are still heartbroken that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are both off the market. It's okay, we were also hopeful but they have to be the most adorable couple with their cute social media postings. 

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Priyanka remained true to her word when she said she would only talk about someone she was with if they were about to get married and we don't doubt that there will be a big fat Indian wedding shortly. 

The 'Quantico' star showed off her diamond ring at a recent Tiffany Party, have a look at the video below. 

Oprah opens up about her health scare

Oprah talks about the moment she woke up one morning with a huge swollen neck and how it changed the way she looked at life.

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Thankfully, her salivary gland was dry and she was cured with lots of water and lemons. 

I knew she was special from the start - Tim Tebow on Demi-Leigh

Love is in the air for Demi-Leigh and we're incredibly happy for her! In a recent interview, her boyfriend opened up about Demi and getting to know her better. 

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The duo's relationship has been under the spotlight since July. Yay for love stories!

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