Sophie Lechaba speaks out about remarks made about her weight

Sophie Lechaba speaks out about remarks made about her weight

Do you ever think before you send a horrible remark to someone online? Think about how it's going to make them feel...

Sophie Lechaba

Sophie has come under attack for her most recent weight loss on social media. The former 'Generations' star is not taking things lying down and is hitting back at her haters.

In an interview with Afternoon Express this week, Sophie shared some of the horrible remarks made by people about her weight.

"I think South Africans don't realise the pain and the journey of losing half yourself and think it's a joke", she said.

She spoke about the importance of being happy with who you are and accepting yourself: "Remember, I was a full figured woman, and a lot of people that were in the industry at that time were. The A listers looked like super models, and I was voluptuous, I had the cleavage, I had the big hips, the big backside and everyone spoke about it. But I was very proud, this was before I got sick.

"Losing yourself is one of the biggest loses. You can lose money, you can lose property, but you have yourself before anything else, so that journey is what has been the hardest and is still the hardest."

Watch full interview below:

IMAGE: Sophie Lechaba's IG page

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