Mini purses that will cost you a fortune

Mini purses that will cost you a fortune

Fashion week is always full of surprises and new fashion trends, but could tiny purses be the way forward? 

Mini purse that will cost you a fortune
JACQUEMUS, Instagram

This purse created by fashion house Jacquemus made its debut at Paris Fashion Week, but the question is how much can you pack into it to survive the day?

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According to Today, the French designer gifted the unbelievably small “Le Chiquito” bags to some people attending the Jacquemus autumn/winter show at Paris Fashion Week, along with tiny invitations.

Lipstick, mascara, money... We doubt that you can take any of these items along if you purchase this designer bag. It looks like something that you carry along for a fashion statement and does not leave much room for practicality. 

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Even though the bag only fits on your finger and is microscopic, the fashion world is drooling over it. You might think for such a tiny ensemble you're likely to pay a little amount, but that is most definitely not the case. This piece of fashion will set you back $500 (approximately R7,000)! 

If this is your kind of style, you can purchase one of these bags or more in yellow, light blue, and pale green. 

The question is, if you could, would this be your next purchase? Let us know by commenting below. 

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