Matthew Legemaate is using his experiences to make the world a better place

Matthew Legemaate is using his experiences to make the world a better place

Jane spoke to the resilient Matthew Legemaate about his incredible double lung and heart transplant.

Hillcrest teen gets second chance at life

Listen as Jane chats to Matthew Legemaate in the podcast below; 

According to an article by News24, Matthew Legemaate became the seventh person in South Africa to receive a heart and double lung transplant. This courageous young man was on the transplant waiting list since the age of 13! 

At the age of 19, he finally got the wish he had been waiting for and is currently recovering well at home. WOW! I cannot even begin to imagine what he went through. What an incredible story. 

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I actually met Matt last year by chance while waiting in the reception area at the physio and was so taken by his character. I heard what he was up against and in that moment held my breath and hoped for the best.

To read this news of the success of his surgery is such a delight, a sheer miracle and shot at a healthy prosperous life.

The success of his surgery is largely attributed to a strong medical team behind him -  surgeons, Mr. Robbie Kleinloog and Mr. Winter as well as Cindy Goldie the transplant co-ordinator. Matt's surgery took place at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital in Umhlanga. 

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Of course, when reading his journey - which I have been following on his Facebook page, my heart immediately thought of his mom, his family, and how taxing and terrifying this road must have been?

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He is not only a brave young man, but he is encouraging other people to get on the organ donating list to help other people in need. He has set a target of getting 50,000 new organ and tissue donors on his website! Let's all do our bit to help those in need. 

I am so in awe of Matt's mindset and positive drive. 


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