Who would you donate an organ to and why?
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Who would you donate an organ to and why?

Would you go under the knife to ensure that your loved ones and family members are in good health? 

Who would you donate an organ to and why?

Most females love walking around showing off their belly buttons, some men also enjoy walking around topless. 

However, a young girl who is now scarred for life broke the internet after she was photographed standing next to her father, who is the main reason behind her scarring. 

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Family is important to all of us. When it comes to our loved ones there are no boundaries. According to The Indian Express, a young girl who underwent a liver transplant and saved her father's life has received praise from millions of internet users.  

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If there was any question about the love for a father from a daughter, this young girl's story has answered it. 

Watch the videos below as the team answers the question of who they would give their organs to and why?   

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