This lady claims drinking her dog's urine cleared her acne

This lady claims drinking her dog's urine cleared her acne

With the aim of maintaining youthful, unblemished, glowing skin, people have been searching high and low for the perfect remedy, but this lady claims to have found a treatment for acne.

Dog wee cures acne
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I honestly gagged watching this video. At first, I thought no ways is this true, and then to watch her with my very own eyes chug down the warm dog urine, to the last drop, and then she even licks the cup! What in the world?! 

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No, I'm sorry! I know different strokes for different folks, but this is taking the 'piss'. I'm horrified!

To give you an idea of what's going on here, using a plastic cup, the woman collects urine from her dog and then proceeds to drink it. 

In a bid to calm the storm, a scientist has warned against this because of the toxins and acids found in dog urine - so do not try this at home!

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This got me thinking, what else do people do for 'perfection'? Here are ten bizarre facials in the world:

  1. Fire facial - Towels are soaked in alcohol, and an invigorating beauty elixir draped over parts of the body and then set on fire.
  2. Snail facial - Live snails crawl on your face.
  3. Vampire facial - Instead of drinking the blood of others, it requires having your own drawn and then separated in a centrifuge (as endorsed by Kim Kardashian).
  4. Gold facial - A 24-karat gold facial will cost a pretty penny.
  5. Caviar facial - The fishy delicacy is hydrating and firming, as per what I've read. 
  6. Bird poop facial.
  7. Miracle whip facial.
  8. Bee venom facial.
  9. Urine facial - Okay, this lady is not alone here!
  10. Wine facial - Oh, well, cheers!

How far would you go to look your best?

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