Weird spa treatments around the world

Weird spa treatments around the world

These spa treatments may be weird, but apparently, they do wonders for your body. 

Hay bath

There’s nothing more pleasurable than a spa treatment. It is relaxing and leaves the body feeling rejuvenated. Massages also relieve aches and reduce stress.

While many people have general spa treatments like a massage using oils and scrubs, it seems there are many other treatments available which could be considered a little weird.  

Let's take a look at some of the weirdest spa treatments around the world. 

Snake massage

While many of us would rather stay away from snakes, it seems these creatures can be very soothing.

Can you imagine snakes of different shapes and sizes slithering around on your back, legs, hands and face? Hard to imagine, right?

Apparently snake massages are said to be soothing and also eases aches and pains. Talk about creepy.

They are a hit in Israel and New York. 

Below is a video of a person getting a snake massage at Wholeness Center in Valley Cottage, New York. 

Beer massage

It appears that beer is not just good for drinking. One of the ways you can get your body to just relax is to get a beer massage. 

Beer massages have been found to help release stress, calms the nervous system and even benefit the skin.

They are popular in Czech Republic.

Hay bath spa treatment

Imagine lying down in hay while your body relaxes?

The hay bath spa treatment is a hit in Italy and it apparently has benefits such as easing aches and pains, helping with weight loss and even boosting the immune system.

According to The Cut website, this spa treatment has been around for many years and it was inspired by farmers who used to sleep in hay and would wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. 

Talk about weird!

Fish Pedicure

One of the great things about getting a pedicure is that not only do your nails look stunning, but you also get to remove dead skin.

While there are many methods of removing dead skin such as scraping with a foot file or razor, did you know that you can have fish do all the hard work?

This treatment uses the Garra Rufa fish, from Turkey. Your place your feet, hands or even your entire body into a tank, and these tiny fish nibble away, targeting the dead skin and just in case you were wondering what it feels like - it feels like little tickles against your skin. You couldn’t get a more organic exfoliation treatment.

Originating in Turkey, the fish pedicure has become very popular worldwide, including South Africa.

Learn more about fish pedicures in the video below. 

Check out more unusual spa services from around the world in the video below. 

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Would you be willing to try any of these spa treatments? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: To avoid putting your health at risk, we do not recommend that you use any of the methods above before speaking to your doctor.

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