#JanesWorld: The pet that got away

#JanesWorld: The pet that got away

All former and current pet owners will understand the anguish of losing a pet and feeling helpless in the situation, especially when there are children involved. 

The pet that got away

I must be honest and say that our track record of keeping a pet in the Thomas household isn't a very successful one.

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It is only now that the kids can get involved and look after their pets that we can do it successfully, where in the past they were entirely the responsibility of Mr T and I. 

We have had fish, a cat who ran away to live with the neighbours, and then there was Sophia the cute grey bunny who turned into a furniture, shoe, pillow, and handbag eating machine. With sharp nails and teeth, needless to say, she was hard to love and found herself in the care of an elderly lady who lived on a farm. That story had a better ending than Justin and Wendy the chickens...

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We thought it would be lovely to have chickens in our garden as it's big and would give us that Midlands feeling we love. How wrong were we! It gave me that irritable feeling as they pooed all over the outside veranda and furniture, and inside when they got the chance. 

One night, Wendy disappeared without even leaving a feather behind. We searched high and low, but she was gone. This now left a clingy Justin, who seemed not to want to be in the garden but rather on the kitchen counter.

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To cut a long story short, Mr T gave him to the man who helps in the garden, and I assume he made a lovely pet... well, that's what I tell myself anyway.

Parents, am I the only one who has done this? What is your 'the pet that got away story'?

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