#HotGoss: Kanye hits back at trolls... and he ain't wrong

#HotGoss: Kanye hits back at trolls... and he ain't wrong

A case of 'Slide Gate', Janet Jackson honours MJ, and Anthony Hamilton woos us all in isiZulu. Find out more on #HotGoss with Jane. 

#HotGoss 30 August 2
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Kanye was tired of us and explained his slides

Kanye West wore sandals that broke the internet to 2 Chainz's wedding. His first offense; wearing sandals with a suit and to a wedding too - we know this could only be a Kanye thing. His second offense; his 'Yeezy Slides' looked like they were two sizes too small. In true social media style, he was trolled hard, and he has finally Tweeted, the answer... "the Japanese way." 

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It turns out he is right, according to Sora News, traditional Japanese geta sandals are worn in this way to prevent blisters between your toes and to help with balance. At this point, we're just crossing fingers that this fad does not take off!

Do you think you could own the Kanye look?

For the love of Twitter...

Janet Jackson honours her brother 

Janet Jackson celebrated what would have been her brother Michael's 60th birthday with a sneak peek at her homage to his 'Remember The Time' music video. With a female twist, the little teaser is equally amazing and we cannot wait to see the final video! 

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Michael Jackson died in June 2009 after going into cardiac arrest at his residence and he is still dearly missed and will always be remembered. He created iconic music and videos that can transcend any generation.  

The original:

American singer and songwriter Anthony Hamilton proves that he is multi-talented 

The crowd went wild when Anthony Hamilton broke out into song in isiZulu, to show his South African fans some love. On his second visit to the country, he did not disappoint, and his fans love him even more. 

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What an honour! You know someone loves and respects your country when he steps out of his comfort zone, learns a different language, and performs his heart out. I think he needs a second standing ovation.

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