Hitched series: Two Durban cousins on a journey to find a dinosaur in Congo

Hitched series: Two Durban cousins on a journey to find a dinosaur in Congo

Meet Luke and Jordan, the two cousins who traveled across 10 African countries and covered 10,000 km in 110 Days to fulfill a childhood dream to search for the world’s largest dinosaur in Congo.

Hitched the series
Supplied/ Luke and Jordan

Jane chats to Luke and Jordon to learn about their hitchhiking journey to Congo in search of Mokele-mbembe, the world’s largest dinosaur in Congo.

With just R7,000, these two cousins from Durban went on an adventure. 

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Luke and Jordan convinced their newest friend, a cameraman named Don, to join them on a childhood dream to search for the world’s last dinosaur, Mokele-mbembe, located in the heart of the Congo jungle. They do all of this by hitchhiking!

The team is made up of Jordan - the gentle survivalist, Luke - the 'people person', and Don - the man behind the camera. Together they created a documentary telling the story of two ill-equipped and under-financed cousins, who set out to realise their lifelong dream of finding the legendary water-dwelling creature of the Congo River basin. 

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Through their documentary, they want people to experience the beauty of Africa and its people. They want to share the culture and a glimpse of the Congolese way of life.  

These young men are amazing; not many people can say that they have taken a risk and gone on an adventure they have been dreaming of since childhood. I must say I do feel inspired. It's also great that they want to change the way the world views Africa by showing people what goes on in our beautiful continent.

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It takes a lot of gusto to take what you have in a bag and trust that you will be taken care of, hitchhiking across a country - not all of us would be brave enough. I am also proud as a Durbanite, thank you for sharing your story with me. 

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