The Bush Bro’s are aiming to inspire South Africans - one journey at a time
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The Bush Bro’s are aiming to inspire South Africans - one journey at a time

Every so often, we get caught up complaining about how terrible our country is. The Bush Bro’s have come together to turn that negativity on its head.

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Many of us like to create dream worlds in our heads where everything is hunky dory, and everyone is singing love songs around a campfire. Don’t get me wrong, the thought of living on an island like Seychelles or the Maldives would be amazing, but again we are creating this perception in our heads of what it would be like. If you are in a position to live such a lifestyle then, by all means, go for it, enjoy it to the fullest. 

As South Africans we don’t have it as bad as many other countries out there. Picture yourself living in a war-torn country or a country where a simple natural resource like water is probably more valuable than diamonds. We all do it, we are all guilty of the above, I was too until all this changed for me a few months back. 

Ches, my best friend, and I decided that we were going to chase the good life and start a business together. We wanted to chase that Seychelles or Maldives dream. We just had one tiny problem - funding. Thankfully, some “Madiba Magic” came knocking on our door. 

We got a confirmed meeting all the way in Greytown and now needed to find a way to get there. We had everything planned for the meeting except a few minor details such as where we were going to sleep, what to eat, and if we can fish or not? We decided to wing it, as they say. 

We’ve been dubbed as the “Bush Bro’s” by our friends, as we always get lost, use shortcuts, and eventually get there. 

Upon arriving in the beautiful province of KZN, we decided to take a trip off the beaten track and attempt another one of our 45-degree angles. 

It was in this moment that we realised that we, in fact, do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and that from now on we were going to switch off from all the negativity portrayed and live each day in this beautiful country as if it were our last. 

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Our trip, which took us an extra three hours to get to Albert Falls, took us through the magnificent Midlands, meandering hills, and stunning farms. We arrived at the falls and enjoyed a day out fishing. 

As we sat that evening braaiing under the African sky, we both spoke of how often we take everything for granted and continuously focus on the negative rather than what is right in front of us.  It was that turning point that made us realise that we need to change this negative mindset so many South Africans have.

We are all so fixated on posting daily motivational memes on social media or claiming to be lions, wolves, and tigers when we are essentially all a bunch of hypocrites, to put it bluntly. We post all that yet still go and complain about everything daily. 

Ches and I eventually made it to our meeting the next day, then made our way back home, safe and sound.

I then gave my old boss and good friend a call to explain that from now, the Bush Bro’s plan to try to change the mindset of as many South Africans as possible through nothing but an adventure. 

We will show you how to enjoy some of the most magical places South Africa has to offer. From thrill seekers to food junkies, the Bush Bro’s have you covered. 

Together we will show you how lucky you are to live in this beautiful country we call South Africa. 

The adventure continues…

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