Harry Styles' much-anticipated video for 'Kiwi' is officially out

Harry Styles' much-anticipated video for 'Kiwi' is officially out

If you're a Harry Styles fan, then you are guaranteed an entertaining video filled with fashion, food, and puppies!

Harry Styles - Kiwi

Swooning for days! The song, the artist, and the wardrobe! 

Harry Styles has released the video for 'Kiwi' -  the third single from Styles' self-titled album, and it's nothing short of entertaining. The lyrics are somewhat confusing though, and have been compared to the concept used for Michael Jackson’s 'Billie Jean'.

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His debut album is just sensational, with amazing songs that will stand the test of time. I can't help but think he is a modern day Mick Jagger - the mannerisms, the dance moves - everything. 

The video consists of Gucci-clad children, the most adorable puppies ever, and loads of cake. There's a massive food fight that breaks out with a lot of airborne brightly-coloured cakes, pastries, and tarts.

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As for the Gucci fabric used for the suits, I die. Dead. Another point, it's Gucci, I would never get food over a Gucci anything. 

I love you Harry!

PS: Isn't cake bad for dogs?

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