#GetReal: KZN father shares emotional custody battle story

#GetReal: KZN father shares emotional custody battle story

In an exclusive and emotional interview with Jane, this KZN father shares what he had to go through to fight for his kids.

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As part of our #GetReal campaign that we ran on-air a few weeks ago, we spoke about a story of a family going through a custody battle. At the time when we aired it, I didn’t think I was going to receive such an alarming response to the piece.

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My producer and I sat down and went through each email and simply couldn’t ignore the story and the response to it. So we decided to get in touch with a mom and a dad who went through a custody battle.

I must say that speaking to this father of two young girls was one of the most difficult interviews that I have had to do, as you could feel his pain, frustration, and anguish as he shared how harrowing the last few years have been for him.

This dad called John (his name has been altered for privacy reasons) found out that his wife had an addiction to pills while she was pregnant. She stole money to support her habit and had extra-marital affairs, but still he feels the legal system didn't have his back or the best interests of the children during the battle for custody.

It was an emotional interview and one that I will never forget. Take a listen as he shares his story on the entire experience...

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