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#GetReal: Vanessa Goosen shares her story with Jane

After spending 16 years behind bars, this brave woman opened up and shared her miraculous story about survival and willpower with Jane.

vanessa goosen and jane
Jane Linley-Thomas

One of the many reasons I have been in the radio industry for as long as I have is because of the people I get to meet. Sure, it's a rush to meet a celeb, but for the most part, it's the inspirational everyday people I love to meet the most. 

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Stories of will, strength, and sheer tenacity are just incredible. Vanessa Goosen, a woman whose life spiraled out of control and saw her sitting behind bars for 16 years in Thailand, humbled me with her attitude so many years later. You would think that she would feel anger, a sense of loss, and have the mindset of a victim, but instead, she humbled me and moved me to a place of gracious appreciation for all I have. 

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It's these types of conversations that make me realise that I really tend to sweat the small stuff too often. This story is a story like no other. This is Vanessa Goosen's story. Take a listen to her emotional interview with Jane in the podcasts below, starting with Part 1:

Part 2 of this miraculous story is below.

Below, Vanessa talks about the abuse she endured.

Below, Vanessa opens up about what it was like to give birth while in prison...

Jane choked up as Vanessa shared the moment her daughter was taken away from her.. 

Listen as she shares the moment that she was eventually released from prison and how she felt.

She also shared on she integrated back into society after walking free from prison...

Vanessa also shared her daily routine while she was locked up in a Thai prison.

Vanessa also looked back at how she made it through the 16 long years in prison.

And she relived the emotion that she feels now that she has been released...

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