First date red flags that you cannot ignore
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First date red flags that you cannot ignore

First dates are great, but sometimes the other person shows you a side of themselves that you cannot look past. KZN shares their first date red flags. 

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First impressions are everything, and first dates are even more crucial. It is in these moments that you decide whether or not you can go on with this person. 

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There is nothing more off-putting than an arrogant, know-it-all who shoots their mouth off about money, achievements, and material trappings. Another red flag is bad table manners, and how they treat the waiter or waitress is a good indication of their overall vibe.

The truth is that first dates are risky, so many things could go wrong or right. You might not like the person from the beginning but are forced to be polite and keep going, or you might get ghosted... or something worse! You have to take a chance, or you will never know. 

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Here are 10 red flags when it comes to first dates: 

  1. They are running late and do not let you know
  2. They appear to love to control the situation
  3. They aren't present, i.e constantly checking his/her phone
  4. They are rude to the waiter
  5. They are a little too romantic - it's only the first date after all
  6. It feels like you're speed dating and you aren't even in that setting
  7. They bring up their ex... A LOT
  8. They tease you in a nasty way
  9. Jealousy already 
  10. They do not enjoy a difference in opinion

Have a look at what KZN had to say, can you relate?

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