What does your perfect first date look like?

What does your perfect first date look like?

Deciding where and what to do on your first date can be daunting, especially when you're hoping to make it to the second date. J Sbu has decided to share his ideal first date openly. 

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I know this is probably going to get me in trouble with the ladies, but if I really have to be honest, I hate fancy dates, especially going fancy on the first one. 

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I guess it's my personality and probably one of the reasons I've never been on a dress-up, bow-tie kind of date. I mean, if we really want to know each other, let's be real from scratch. 

My perfect date is as simple as listening to Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse jazz sounds in the comfort of my car, parked on the hilltop overlooking the city lights, or even basking in the views of the ocean. The meals on the date would be tacos, coupled with chips and a cold beverage. Yes!  

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But hey, that's just me. What does your idea of a first date look like? Let me know below.

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