Croc high-heels are officially a thing!

Croc high-heels are officially a thing!

Comfort in a high-heel... could 'Crocs' be the way of the future?

Croc high- heel
Supplied/ Carol Ofori

So I hated Crocs until one day deep into my pregnancy I was told that they are the best for swollen feet. 

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I was horrified at the thought of even walking into a Crocs store but after only being able to walk around a mall for 10 min and having to sit down to calm my feet - I realised that I was losing the battle and needed comfy shoes to continue my crazy shopping habit. 

I walked into a Crocs store, put the shoes on and never took them off until my baby was born. They are the comfiest shoes, you don't need to touch your toes to put them on (every preggy belly knows touching toes is an art form) and best of all they are versatile! In winter slip on socks and your toes are warm and summer times the holes let them breathe. My entire family hates them though. 

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Crocs have begun selling high-heels and they could cost you R710 if you want comfort but the added height too, but they are not the only brand to jump on the comfort bandwagon. High-end international brand Balenciaga has been owning the 'foam platform' and if you're keen this could set you back R11,000. If you could, would you?

Yup. They exist. And yup, I own em. #highheelcrocs

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If I was pregnant right now, these nasty shoes would definitely do the trick. Look funky while preggy would be the idea... but since I am not pregnant they get a "no" from me!

Carol Crocs 1
Supplied/ Carol Ofori
Carol Crocs 2
Supplied/ Carol Ofori

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