Confessions of a radio listener with Stacey Norman

Confessions of a radio listener with Stacey Norman

Listeners tell us how much debt they have and how they accumulated it.


According to The South African, the combined South African student debt currently sits at nearly R10-Billion. Shocking, right? However, that's just one type of debt South Africans are paying back.

To gain more insight on the above, we had to dig deeper. We found these shocking figures from Money Web: South Africa has 25-million active credit consumers and more than 10-million of those are behind on their payments. To put that into perspective, our current population figures currently sit at 58,962,768 as of Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

This means the number of people living on credit in South Africa is slowly approaching the halfway-line of the total population and, if you are not in debt yourself, it's affecting you in some way.

Earlier on the Stacey Norman Show, we asked you to let us know what you are in debt for and how you accumulated it.

Listen to what people had to say on the podcast below:

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