12 money-saving shopping tips

12 money-saving shopping tips

Giving careful thought to what you buy will save you money and save you from making decisions you are bound to regret later.


Overspending and impulse buying can lead to serious debt.

So, before you hit the store, make sure you follow our tips and avoid a few costly mistakes:

Make a list
Almost every one of us is guilty of making this mistake. Unfortunately, shopping without a list will see you spend money on things you don’t necessarily need or have money for.

Sale mania
Don’t just buy an item because it has a sale sticker on it. Make sure it really is marked down and that you really are saving.

Compare prices
You would be surprised by just how much money you could save by comparing prices, brands and shops. Make use of the store pamphlets to check out sales, or visit websites such as pricecheck.co.za to compare prices.

Check expiry dates
According to Farmer's Weekly, about 10 million tons of food goes to waste in South Africa every year. Reduce this by buying food that has a long lifespan.

Try clothes on
Trying clothes on will ensure that you buy the right size and the right style that suits your body.

Beware of 'buy one get one free'
Just because the promotion says 'buy one get one free' doesn't mean you have to buy it. This only makes financial sense if you need it or are going to use both.

Read return policies
You want to make sure that you clearly understand and agree with the return policy before purchasing anything.

Beware of sales talk
Sales assistants are there to sell, so chances of them being 100% sincere are slim.

Multiplying purchases
Just because something looks good doesn't mean you must buy it in all the different colours, unless you really need to.

High fashion follower
Buying something that you don't necessarily like, need, or doesn't suit you just because it is in fashion will leave you with regrets.

Remember fashion trends don't even last that long and sooner than later, new trends will come up.

Chasing cheap
Cheap is not always good. Sometimes it’s better to invest in buying quality items, especially when it comes to products that you want to last a few years.

Remember coupon codes
You can save lots of money by using coupons. Check out deal sites for coupons and savings.

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