Cardi B files to trademark the term 'okurrr'

Cardi B files to trademark the term 'okurrr'

It has to be one of Stacey's favourite words and it's an important one, so much so that the singer herself wants to trademark it. 

Cardi B in a pink blazer / Instagram
Cardi B in a pink blazer / Instagram

If you're a Cardi B fan, you would know that not only is she the queen of rap, but she has also a few of her own catchphrases that she has made popular over the years. 

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One of the famous phrases that Stacey uses on the regular is "Okurrr", which Cardi B described to Jimmy Fallon as "a dragged out 'Okay'" or a "pigeon that's cold". 

Watch her chatting to Jimmy below:

Well, her pigeon-sounding phrase is about to get super legit as the rapper has apparently applied to trademark the term. 

Rolling Stone reported that Cardi filled the application via her company, Washpoppin Inc, with aims that the term would cover not only collateral but also official merchandise. 

And just in case if you miss out an "R" in the original spelling, the 26-year-old has covered that as well. While it may seem like something out of the ordinary, we kind of expected it. I mean, how can you think of Cardi B and not think of the word "Okurrr", right?

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What we're trying to say is that if you don't have permission, don't use her word, okurrr?

Do you have an original word or catchphrase that you would trademark given the opportunity? If so, what word is it and what does it mean? Let us know. 

Main image courtesy of Instagram

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