Brazilian runner does it again with his Comrades dance moves

Brazilian runner does it again with his Comrades dance moves

Iago Sampaio Marçal, a Brazilian runner who took on the Comrades this past weekend, has done it again by receiving massive media attention for his dance moves.

Iago Sampaio Marçal / Twitter
Iago Sampaio Marçal / Twitter

On my feed, online, and even on-air, all I saw was the Comrades Marathon - and it still impresses me to this day the level of determination that these runners have. 

It's true, running is one of my favourite past times, but I don't do it on a competitive level. I love a bit of outdoors showing off my look, of course. 

If I had to do the Comrades, I don't know how my mood would fare. One thing for sure is that I don't quite think I would be regular happy Stacey. More like sweaty, sore Stacey. 

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So when I saw a video of Brazilian runner Iago Sampaio Marçal breaking it down at the Comrades, it was so refreshing to see him bust a good few moves that most of you would recognise. 

It is not the first time that Iago has been in the limelight for his dancing skills. Back in 2018, a video of him dancing midway through the race went viral and caught the attention of many. 

It's incredible to know that even though he was facing this treacherous race, he still had the energy to bust a move and have a good time. 

Iago, your moves inspire me to come through! YAS! 

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