Would you like some Nutella with your chicken masala?

Would you like some Nutella with your chicken masala?

Weird food combos are a thing, but this limited-edition curry created by an Indian restaurant might leave customers divided! 

Nutella curry
(Image: Deliveroo)

Stacey, who considers herself a big foodie, shared with J Sbu and the rest of KZN a hot new recipe she discovered on the internet today. 

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The recipe involves two of her most favourite things. One is something often considered to be used for dessert or as a snack and the other is a staple on most SA dinner tables. 

Chicken and chocolate or, in this case, a hazelnut chocolate spread in the form of Nutella. 

A string of Tamatanga Indian restaurants have launched a limited-edition curry in celebration of World Nutella Day, which just happens to be today, the 5th of February 2021. 

The chicken masala curry is made with multiple layers of savoury-sweet curry sauce, featuring a generous amount of the chocolate-hazelnut spread along with whole red chilli, spices, coconut milk, lime zest, garlic, and coriander stems - all coating deliciously tender chicken tikka pieces.


Aman Kular, Managing Director at Tamatanga, said: 

J Sbu, Buhle, who does traffic on the show, and Nick, who does sport, have shared that this curry will be a hard pass for them! 

What are your thoughts, KZN? 

Yay or Nay to some chicken masala with a chocolate hazel nut twist? 

Nutella Chicken Curry
(Image: Deliveroo)

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