Would you pay someone R1,000 to rescue you from a traffic jam?

Would you pay someone R1,000 to rescue you from a traffic jam?

In Beijing, China, the traffic jams get so hectic that citizens have had to become creative with their ways of dealing with them...

Traffic jam in Beijing China
Traffic jam in Beijing China/Facebook/@FactsUntoldPage

After this weekend's plethora of events, we are happy to announce that we came out of the traffic alive and well. 

We are used to traffic during the week, but not so much over the weekend - and with our traffic team always keeping us on point, we rarely get stuck in traffic. 

But one city that has notoriously been known as the traffic capital is Beijing

"Beijing is one of the most populous cities in the world with a population of over 21 million people. The traffic in Beijing is so bad that people have come up with creative ways to avoid it." (FirstPost)

When we think creative, we think 'Caroake', car games to help pass the time, ways of conserving our fuel whilst driving in traffic...

But never did we think about this very lucrative business idea. "Jam Busting" is a service that allows people who are jammed in traffic to be rescued from their misery. 

"For around $60, you can pay someone to come and rescue you from a traffic jam. This service involved hiring individuals, often on motorcycles, to navigate through congested areas and help drivers reach their destinations more quickly." (FirstPost)

That's around R1,000. The traffic jam rescuers would pick you up from your location in gridlocked traffic and manoeuvre through traffic to get you to your destination. 


In case you're wondering, what happens to your car if you are the driver and not a passenger using Jam Busting, well, a person drives your car and brings it to the desired destination. 

We wouldn't mind this service if we were experiencing a bind and needed to be somewhere urgently. 

And with the kind of traffic that Beijing experiences, we can understand how this may be an efficient way of not wasting your time.

What do you think?

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