Boks Trophy Tour takes a weird turn as woman attacks Siya Kolisi

Boks Trophy Tour takes a weird turn as woman attacks Siya Kolisi

Worse than being tackled on the field...

A woman grabs Siya Kolisi by the neck
A woman grabs Siya Kolisi by the neck/X Screenshot/@PastortheDJ

As we calm our nerves from the most eventful and electric weekend, we all cannot wait to share our Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour stories with our work friends. 

And rightfully so, it was a momentous weekend that spoke to our ability to unite as a nation. 

Wherever you and your family gathered to watch the Bokke, we are happy to say that the turnout from KZN and the rest of South Africa was overwhelming and so awesome. 

But like anything, there were superfans who didn't know how to conduct themselves. 

We found a moment that was totally inappropriate online and it made us cringe in the worst possible way.

In a video that was shared on X, we see Siya Kolisi getting off the bus and a woman who pushed past the security gets close to him. 

Now, she didn't get close to him to hug him or shake his hand, but she grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in for a kiss. 

Watch what happened below, courtesy of X

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We can totally understand how seeing your hero can bring up a whole host of emotions and excitement. 

But behaving like that is absolutely unacceptable...

Tweeps were amused and many were shocked that anyone would even try this, considering that Siya is a happily married man. 

Who in their right mind would even try to take down Queen K from her throne? 

If there's one thing we know, it's that you don't mess with SA's royal family...

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Image Courtesy of X

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