Black Coffee opens up on East Coast Drive

Black Coffee opens up on East Coast Drive

East Coast Drive was able to have a chat with one of the most well known celebrities worldwide - Black Coffee.

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It’s not often Gordon does an interview with a huge celebrity, especially one that needs no introduction. 

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Black Coffee has become a household name and then some. He is one of South Africa’s most precious and loyal assets, a name that is recognised and respected in all corners of the globe.

East Coast Drive was able to chat to him about a few things, this is what we asked him:

1. In February this year you announced your SBCNCSLY Tour which was a world tour confirmed in cities like Chicago, London, Lisbon, New York, Amsterdam, Moscow, LA, Zurich, Athens... this was excluding the usual Ibiza residency in Spain. With all these plans we got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and we are under lockdown. You’re home under lockdown, so I want to know how you are doing and how affected you are by all of this?

2. You named your tour SBCNCSLY and you have a new single coming out today featuring Sabrina Claudio of the same name. What does SBCNCSLY mean and how did you come to work with Sabrina Claudio?

3. We haven’t gotten a full body of work from you since your ‘Music Is King’ EP in 2018. Is this the year we get a Black Coffee album?

4. There is a tweet that I saw the other night from Legend Manqele that read: ”I genuinely don’t appreciate how the government doesn’t see our efforts as an industry (arts and culture) people are home being entertained and informed through us the people of this sidelined industry. It’s weird.” Now with that being said, we have seen that you are also contributing to the solidarity fund and trying to do your part in assisting where you can - tell us more about the home brewed sessions and what your take is on what government has done for the entertainment industry thus far to assist?

5. As a businessman, how have your companies been affected by Covid-19 in their respective industries? Soulistic Agency as talent and events management and Flightmode as an Angel investor. 

Listen to the podcast to hear what he had to say. 

Black Coffee, thank you for taking the time to speak to us on East Coast Drive and be safe!

Listen to the podcast to hear more.

Watch the Zoom video of the live interview with Black Coffee. 

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