Woman eats raw octopus which crawls on her face

Woman eats raw octopus which crawls on her face

Mukbang on another level...

A woman eating raw octopus stuck to her lips
A woman eating raw octopus stuck to her lips/TikTok Screenshot/@ashyizzle

We've seen many people dig into their passion for food over the years. This has opened up Pandora's Box when it comes to the range of food that is available in different parts of the world. 

From trying frog soups to dining with Koi fish at your feet, there are a variety of food experiences that people have shared online. 

This one, though, is a bit controversial for us because it looks as creepy as it sounds. 

A food vlogger on TikTok recently shared her foodie experience of eating raw octopus. 

Ashley has more than six-million followers and shares content on food often. She recently shared her experience with a raw octopus, and it unlocked people's fear of eating raw octopus.

Eating anything that has once lived raw can be a multi-sensory experience, but it is also very unnatural for people. 

What makes raw octopus freaky is the "tentacles continue to move even though they have been cut because a network of 400,000 neurons continues to fire up".

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

*Please note that this may make some people uncomfortable so we wouldn't advise you watch it if you are sensitive.

@ashyizzle Don’t knock it until you try it! #mukbang ♬ Acoustic cool jazz guitar ad-lib(861511) - ricca


Check out some of the comments that people shared on the post. 

  • "Mannnnn it reminds of that news when an older woman who ate raw octopus without knowing that it was a pregnant one and it laid eggs inside her throat" 
  • "What If they stuck in ur throut or crawl around in ur stomach"
  • "what's the point if there's a possibility of being choked to death"
  • "I’d end up accidently flinging it across the restaurant trying to get it off the plate" 
  • "I was wondering if the would do that to your insides if you didn't chew it good enough" 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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