SA singer impresses with fluent singing in Mandarin

SA singer impresses with fluent singing in Mandarin

Proof that when you really want something in your life, you can make it happen. 

Singer Songwriter Motswedi Modiba
Singer Songwriter Motswedi Modiba/Instagram Screenshot/@moeismusic

It's a beautiful feeling celebrating our South African talent. 

Celebrating them at home is one thing, but celebrating their success abroad is just next level awesome.

Motswedi Modiba, a South African singer/songwriter, has made history by becoming the first black African to have graced the legendary Chinese stage at 'Sing China'.

She proudly announced her good news on 11 August when she astonished everyone with her stellar performance. 

Gracing the Chinese audience with her singing was one thing, but doing it at the biggest singing competition in China, 'Sing China', was the cherry on top. 

'Sing China' is said to be China's version of 'The Voice'.

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"It wasn't just MOE's soulful voice that impressed the judges and the audience, but also her ability to sing fluently in Mandarin." (MSN)

Watch her soulful performance below, courtesy of YouTube:

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