Which is more awkward: Asking for money from your spouse or someone else?

Which is more awkward: Asking for money from your spouse or someone else?

The topic of money is one that is always uncomfortable, regardless of who it involves.

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It is after all said that one of the main reasons many marriages fail is because of issues related to finances, but these issues are not exclusive to those who are in romantic relationships. 

Stacey and J Sbu came across the following post on Twitter, which gave the duo a good chuckle: 

The post on Twitter garnered a lot of commentary, mostly light-hearted giggles, but there were some quick to point out that this is only fine until the tables are turned. 

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As in, what would the females agreeing and laughing say if their husband borrowed money from them and chose to not reimburse them...

This Twitter thread got Stacey and J Sbu discussing another topic, and that is whether when they were under a tough financial strain if they had ever approached their significant other for assistance or if they decided to look elsewhere. 

Stacey, who is a well known independent woman, admitted that she had never been in a situation where she had to ask a boyfriend for assistance financially. She, however, in the last few weeks of January this year has loaned a few of her friends that she knows are in romantic relationships some money.

Now that she thinks about it... the thought as to why they would not first ask their partners for the loan did not cross her mind.

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J Sbu feels like it would be harder for him to approach a girlfriend for a loan than a friend or a family member. His ego of seeing himself as a provider would not allow him to. He admittedly would rather suffer in silence than approach his significant other. 

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Stacey and J Sbu put it out to the KZN community and their opinions were varied and multi-layered. 

Listen to the podcast below and add your comments: Do you think it would be easier asking for a loan from your partner or someone else?

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