Stacey & JSbu talk #Girlfriend and #Boyfriend Allowance

Stacey & JSbu talk #Girlfriend and #Boyfriend Allowance

One of the most discussed yet often controversial aspects of a relationship is money. 

Stacey & JSbu
Nobuntu Swartbooi

On Wednesday, Stacey & JSbu spoke about money in relationships.

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 One of the many aspects of this money discussion is the practice of giving girlfriend money at the end of every month for her upkeep.

 Issues around cab fares after visits, who pays during dates, who pays for your up keep as a lady – these are all discussions to be had.

 We then asked KZN: Couples Allowance, is this a thing? Is it expected? What is the deal?!

A lot of people agreed with some sort of allowance from their partners. It’s become a norm these days, but sometimes it comes with a bad stigma, especially because our society has associated it with being a “slay queen” for women or that it comes with some sort of expectation from the men that give the money. 

Read what KZN had to say on Facebook about couples allowances:

Listen to the podcast to what KZN had to say:

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