What's potting?! That moment when Stacey realised she was becoming her mom....

What's potting?! That moment when Stacey realised she was becoming her mom....

Stacey Norman gives us an insight into her progression into adulthood and how she has adopted similar tendencies to the powers before her.

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What is this pottery?!

Stacey Norman was today-years-old when she realised that she was turning into her mother.

Remember when you're a kid and you say things like, "I'll never be like you when I'm older!"


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This epiphany happened after she and her studio bestie, Vic Naidoo, were involved in a back-and-forth exchange of ideas for stickers… 

Like, for real - stickers.

A popular supermarket is running a special for top-of-the-range pots that are used by the most established chefs in the world, but more importantly - for Stacey - they are aesthetically pleasing so she must and will have the entire range!

It was all but 30 minutes into this ‘sticker off’ that it dawned on Stacey…

“Tell me you are a typical mom without telling me you are a typical mom?”

Oh, hello!

Sticker and stamp challenges that give you great deals at your favourite grocery stores!

Stacey admits that Mama Norman was next level though. Not only did she have a vast collection of stamps and stickers, there was a whole method and storing process which included everything being neatly slipped into a flip-file - dated. 

Side note... are flip-files still a thing? 

As a child you question the decisions that are made by your parents and as you grow older you begin to understand why they do - and did - these things!

There comes a time when morphing into your parents becomes a reality and who would've known that it would take stickers and pots for Stacey to start “adulting” in full force?!

We spotted some classic "I've become my parents" responses on BuzzFeed and lets just say...


"I started falling asleep during movies. I used to get so mad at my mom for doing that, now I have a job and I understand why."


"I rearrange the plates in the dishwasher if my boyfriend put them 'wrong' so I can do full loads and use up all the space."


"Getting annoyed when my roommate was throwing Tupperware lids and containers into the cupboard without ANY organization."


"Last night, when I got worried because my fiancé was five minutes late coming home from the gym, and I caught myself saying 'I can’t help it, I worry about you.'"

"Bam, I have become my mother." 


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