What's the longest you have ever worked at a company?

What's the longest you have ever worked at a company?

There are some real pioneers in KZN...

An illustration of a woman working and service ribbon awards
An illustration of a woman working and service ribbon awards/Canva

Having a job can be compared to winning the jackpot these days. There may be days when we feel extremely grateful for having work and days when we wish we were doing something else. 

The overall attitude is never the same because no two people are alike. 

We all have our own views and opinions about things and therefore sometimes we are able to stay in a job for long periods and there are those who job hop quite often. 

We asked our Facebook family about the longest period they have worked at a company and we were happy to hear from everyone. 

It was clear to us from the get-go that many people are deep-rooted in their jobs. Many people share that they have been with their companies anywhere between 10 and 30 years. 

One person even shared that they were at one company for 42 years! That's a lifetime...

What really got us in our feels was reading everyone's comments about how their journeys may not have been easy but they sure were special. 

Savy Vadi shared: "23 years in a clothing company, started as a machinist and climbed myself up,got bursary to send my daughter to be a teacher,very" 

Tracy Ann said: "Currently now and best place - took a long time to get where I am. 2009 to now at a remedial school. Grew from being a teacher assistant, educator and now departmental head." 


Janey Narainsamy said: "I have worked in only 2 companies most of my life . 17yrs in clothing company which retrenched us and I'm now in a call centre for 15yrs.so yeah 32 yrs of working and waiting to retire someday when I have enough money" 

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