What is your petrol personality?

What is your petrol personality?

Are you always running on empty, full to the brim, quarter to empty?

Hilarious couple's counselling over SA's petrol prices
Hilarious couple's counselling over SA's petrol prices/ TikTok screenshot

In case you missed it, people are forking out the big bucks for petrol. 

The Daily Maverick shares: "Expect to pay more than R1/litre for petrol and almost R2/litre more for diesel today. The fuel price has risen sharply overnight."

One TikToker decided to skit a hilarious interaction between petrol and a car.

This got us thinking, what is your petrol personality? Share yours with us below: 

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Here's what one social media user has to say about the video: "This banter is top tier." Check it out and have a laugh here:


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This TikToker, @buhduhbuhduh, is shedding light on quite an unfortunate situation for Mzansi. Although, this is what South Africa does, we spread humour in times of adversity.

Did that video have you in stitches? Here's what fellow users had to say:

  • "This is genius stuff!"
  • "Your mind is such an interesting place"
  • "HELP, this is way too funny"

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While we all patiently wait for the price to drop, stay tuned for more.

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