Egg shortage: "Only 6 eggs per customer"

Egg shortage: "Only 6 eggs per customer"

It's time to swap your scrambled eggs for some cereal...

Egg shortage
Egg shortage / canva

Consumers face a primary concern over an egg shortage and price hikes. In some retail stores, the amount of eggs you can buy is limited per customer. 

An image shared by sports lead, Nicholas Tatham, shows one supermarket limiting eggs to one carton per customer. Shock, distress, and outrage run amok in Mzansi while the Department is considering a number of interventions regarding the spread of avian influenza.

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As reported by ECR NewsWatch, Agriculture Minister Thoko Didiza has reassured the country that they're doing everything possible to contain and prevent the spread of bird flu. 

Only 6 eggs per customer sign
Only 6 eggs per customer sign/ supplied

It is reported that the country is battling an outbreak of the H5 and H7 viruses and has also picked up more than 50 human cases. In an effort to combat these viruses, the South African Poultry Association has signalled a food warning over the country's bird flu outbreak.  

General Manager of SAPA's Egg Industry, Abongile Balarane, says this is the worst outbreak ever to hit the country since avian influenza was first detected in 2017. 

"We have estimated that more than layer 5 million chickens have been culled with affected cases that can reach about 8.7-million layers," shares Abongile.

To find out more, head to ECR NEWSWATCH for the latest scoop. 

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If you were ever looking for a time to cut back on eggs or chicken, now is the time. Stay safe. 

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