What the buzz? Doctors find fly buzzing around man's intestines

What the buzz? Doctors find fly buzzing around man's intestines

It's bad enough that these flies don't give us a break during the hot summer days!

Photo of black fly
Photo of black fly/Pexels/@Thierry Fillieul

We are all too familiar with the iridescent fly that always manages to find its way in during cooking or eating time. 

Although we cannot speak for everyone, we can say firmly from our end that we cannot stand flies. 

They are definitely one of the most unhygienic insects (not to mention sneaky) and the only natural response we have when coming into contact with them is to reach for the insect spray. 

A story that featured in many a publication's headlines recently left us even more mortified when it comes to the topic of flies. 


"A man in Missouri has left doctors scratching their heads after they found a live fly buzzing around deep inside his intestines." (Daily Mail)

After the 63-year-old man went for his routine colon cancer screening, doctors discovered a fully intact fly on top of his large intestine. 

If you are unfamiliar with the colonoscopy, which is the procedure that the man went for, it basically has doctors inserting a camera into the intestines to screen for anything out of the ordinary. 

"Doctors saying it was a 'mystery' as to how the insect got there, but it could be due to contaminated lettuce the man ate the day before his appointment." (Daily Mail)

This is why you should always wash your fresh produce before consuming it, although this could've been from lettuce he purchased in a ready-made salad...

When questioned about the arb discovery, the man was just as confused as the doctors. He said that before his 24-hour fast, he did eat a pizza and lettuce but did not recall a fly in his food. 


Besides the fact that this discovery was made and we now know that it is possible for these creepy insects to survive in our bodies, when we read the below, it freaked us out that much more. 

"In rare cases, flies have laid eggs in fruits and vegetables that have then survived the stomach acid and hatched in the intestines." (Daily Mail)


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