VOTE: Darren, Keri and Sky, Carol Ofori accepted Stacey & J Sbu's #LaBambaChallenge

VOTE: Darren, Keri and Sky, Carol Ofori accepted Stacey & J Sbu's #LaBambaChallenge

YES! Who did it best?

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Let's make one thing clear... this is has nothing to do with Los Lobos's "La Bamba" - we just had to clarify that for the older folks. 

Remember the adorable video of a father and daughter we recently told you about? No? 

Where in the Stacey and J Sbu have you been?!

This song has inspired millions of Tiktok videos, Instagram Reels - and sparked an even greater appreciation for African artists.

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If there's one song that will go down in the TikTok Hall of Fame, it’s the Ameno amapiano remix that has been on repeat all over KZN - and the world!

So much so, that we just had to step up, get in on the action, and challenge some of our fellow East Coast Radio presenters to do things with us!

I guess it's easy to lay down a challenge when you can slay down the competition, right?  

“Do you want to Bamba?” We challenge you  to chill with the big boys... and man, did you come through!

The question is, who did it best? Vote below!


@eastcoastradiokzn “Do you want to Bamba?” 🥊How could we resist doing this challenge? 😱We challenge you @darrenmaule @kerimillersa @Sky Tshabalala @carolofori to chill with the big boys 😉🕺To see the rest of our video go to #StaceyJSbuOnECR #amenoamapiano ♬ Ameno Amapiano Remix (You Wanna Bamba) - Goya Menor & Nektunez

The story behind the track

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So what is this trending phenomenon all about and where did it come from?

Nektunes and Goya Menor are the minds behind the ‘Ameno’ amapiano remix. 

This song's catchy lyrics, “Do you want to Bamba, do you want to chill with the big boys' ' is a remixed amapiano version of the song “Ameno” by Era. 

The remix, which is hitting top charts on various social platforms all around the world, was created by Goya Menor and Nektunez.

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Not only is the song a cross-pollination of new age electric pop and amapiano (a sub-genre of South African house music) but also the Nigerian artists Goya Menor and Ghanian producer Nektunez.

 “Even during the pandemic, amapiano, a bright, jazzy dance music culled from local house flavours and global R&B, has persisted as the country’s top genre,” - Rolling Stones

The song that the Bamba challenge originates from is Ameno by Era, which was released in 1996. This soothing yet creepy symphony was a French new-age musical project that also hit the charts and started trending over TikTok and platforms alike.

It's a haunting pitch-altered Gregorian chant over unsettling, sparse electronic music that is a real ear-worm. This sound is generally reserved for soundtracking the most “cursed” content on the app found in the dark corners of an area known as, “Alt TikTok.”

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On TikTok the #amapiano has 2.2 billion views and is growing. So how could we resist participating in the Bamba challenge!?

Now that we've set the challenge, let's find out if our fellow East Coast Radio presenters have what it takes to match up!

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