WATCH: Kanye West claims Kim Kardashian denied him entrance to daughters birthday

WATCH: Kanye West claims Kim Kardashian denied him entrance to daughters birthday

Kanye West is on a rampage yet again, this time the rapper pleads with the public for help. 

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It is no secret that since the news of the split of #Kimye, there has been plenty of drama. There was a time when the pop culture world even questioned the break up to begin with. 

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Could one of the most famous couples in the world actually manage an amicable break up?! Oh, how naive we all were. 

In a string of interviews it seemed that Kanye was in denial that the divorce was actually happening. The only narrative 'Ye' was telling the world was that he wanted his family back and that he still loved Kim. 

That fight was short lived, though, as we all now know- Kim has moved on to comedian and SNL cast member, Pete Davidson. Matriach of the Jenner-Kardashian clan, Kris has already inserted herself into the relationship - on brand! 

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Sources, have always shared that Kim just wants to have a good co-parenting relationship with her ex, Kanye, which is why this latest development is raising a few eyebrows. 

Over the weekend, The couples second youngest child Chicago celebrated her fourth birthday. 

An emotional Kanye shares that he was not given the address of where Chicago's birthday party would be hosted. He claims that he called his ex and her mother, Kris Jenner, and even Tristian Thomas to find out why he was not given an address.

Watch below: 

A few hours later from the above video shared by Kanye, he took to his social media to give his followers and fans an update. 

See a video clip showing Kanye with Kris Jenner at the party below: 

A telenovela of note! 

The Kardashian clan including Kim are yet to comment on the allegations made by Kanye initially of being denied access to the party. 

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