WATCH: Proposal deliberately ruined by Disneyland worker

WATCH: Proposal deliberately ruined by Disneyland worker

A magical moment in a beautiful place quickly turned sour...

WATCH: Proposal deliberately ruined by Disneyland worker
WATCH: Proposal deliberately ruined by Disneyland worker/ revolt TikTok

Proposal fails often go viral on the internet but never before have we seen such a sweet moment in the most magical place on earth go totally wrong.

Reposted numerous times, a man went down one one knee to pop the question to his future wife. The wife didn't have time to react before a Disney employee swooped in (Mickey Mouse ears and all) to halt this moment.

See the video below: 

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@revolt #DisneyWorld employee stopped their #proposal 🤯👀 #disney #mickeymouse #disneyland ♬ original sound - REVOLT

This video definitely lives rent free in our minds. The internet has been totally perplexed as to why this employee could not wait a matter of minutes or even seconds until the couple embraced for their once-in-a-lifetime moment at Disneyland Paris.

Users are furious while others can get where this employee is coming from. As seen in the video, there is no immediate harm that the duo are causing. 

Perhaps this employee was just frustrated and this proposal in an exclusive area was the tip of the iceberg?

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A Disney spokesperson told Newsweek: "We regret how this was handled. We have apologised to the couple involved and offered to make it right."

The original video posted was captioned: " @DisneyParis_EN condones employees being extremely condescending to guests? Is it in the manual that employees get to assault guests and snatch engagement rings from peoples hands mid proposal? Absolutely CRAZY"


This isn't the first time that Disneyland Paris has faced criticism online, but definitely one that has caught the public eye's attention.

Next time you're planning a proposal, make sure to have a friend that ensures it all goes smoothly or alert the employees so this doesn't happen to you. 

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