WATCH: Pastor and choir kidnapped on LIVE stream

WATCH: Pastor and choir kidnapped on LIVE stream

A spiritual service that was streamed on Facebook last Thursday took a very scary turn with the kidnapping of the pastor and some choir members. 

WATCH | Kidnapping of pastor, choir caught on camera in Haiti
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The incident is said to have taken place in Haiti. 

Two gunmen are said to have kidnapped the Haitian pastor and three members of the church choir during a streamed service on Thursday, 1 April. 

In the footage, you can see two gunmen approaching the pastor, who is on a platform delivering a sermon. As piano music continues to play, a man wielding a rifle enters the stream and is seen taking them away.

The pastor is then led by the two gunmen, one of which is carrying a firearm off stage. 

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Authorities report that the church members were released 72 hours after the capture. Haiti is known to be plagued with violence and kidnapping in the aim to get ransom from syndicates operating across the country, which has led to the demise of the country's economy. 

Gregory Figaro, whose father, Greger, is the founder of the ministry, told the Miami Herald that eight to 10 gunmen arrived in two vehicles and kidnapped the pastor and three others, including a pianist. 

Watch the shocking footage in the video below: 

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