WATCH: The new NIKE ad featuring pregnant women that is so empowering!

WATCH: The new NIKE ad featuring pregnant women that is so empowering!

Nike has done it again! Their latest maternity ad featuring pregnant and breastfeeding athletes was released a few days ago - and you have to absolutely see it!

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How many times have you been at the gym and seen a pregnant women working out and a) admired her strength or b) felt uncomfortable because you thought it to be inappropriate for her to be working out? 

It is safe to say that as a society, we have preconceived notions of what pregnant women can do and be and an athlete is not necessarily our first point of reference. 

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This is the very reason that makes the new short film titled, 'Toughest Athletes', by Nike so powerful. In the video shared on the Nike Women's Instagram page, we see a group of mothers in various stages of their pregnancy and postpartum journeys.

The video also features powerhouse, Serena Williams, and her daughter Olympia, American football player, Alex Morgan, and track stars, Shelly-Ann Fraser and Bianca Williams. 

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The video opens up with this powerful monologue: 

The video was captioned with the following: “Motherhood looks different for everyone, but no matter what you do or how you do it, you are the toughest athlete.”

The video features Nike's new maternity line, which first launched in September 2020. 

Watch the powerful video below: 

Main image credit, Nike Instagram account 

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