WATCH: Mother takes us into her daughter's super messy room! Can you relate?

WATCH: Mother takes us into her daughter's super messy room! Can you relate?

We hope that none of you have to go through this?

Messy room
Messy room/TikTok Screenshot/@snowenne_cleans

Assigning chores to your kids is important. If anything, it teaches them about accountability. 

Especially when it comes to ensuring that their rooms are cleaned. 

It also helps prepare them for adulthood. 

We love that saying that says as parents we should be empowering our children, not enabling them. 

So in saying that, when we saw this video, we were left a bit traumatised at the level of untidiness of this young girl's room. 

The mother, whose TikTok account is dedicated to creating fun and entertaining cleaning videos, shows a time lapse of the messy room being transformed...

WATCH the initial video that shows the messy room and the start of the cleaning...

Courtesy of TikTok:

@snowenne_cleans The misses decided to rearrange her room 😳 so I thought I would help her out #cleantok #daughtersroom #whysomessy #ihaveanidea #littleartist #cleanandorganize #bedroomclean #cleanwithsnowenne @snowenne_cleans @snowenne_cleans @snowenne_cleans ♬ Among Us - Sembari +

The comments section blew up with other parents saying that the mother shouldn't have done it for her. 

Some people even shared their own experiences, from the daughter's perspective. Check it out. 

"My mum did this for me, helped me and now that i’ve moved out i’m religiously clean & tidy, that’s how she taught me to live 👍🏼" 

"Sometimes my kid starts this and becomes so overwhelmed by it. Mummy needs to go in and help a little to push things forward."

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Then she posted the amount of dirt that she extracted from the carpets and boom, the cleaned up room...

Courtesy of TikTok

@snowenne_cleans So here is #part2 of cleaning my #daughtersroom #sogross #cleantok #carpetcleaning #dirtywater #whysomessy #cleanwithsnowenne @snowenne_cleans ♬ Counting Stars - OneRepublic

We definitely can understand that sometimes, it starts off as messy and then the mess takes over. 

But teaching your kids responsibility on how to deal with keeping their space clean is definitely something that will help them in life.

Not just in the obvious way, but also with handling things in a better way mentally.

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