Year In Review: #JohnVuliGate girls endure epic fail on live TV

A year with many epic fails: #JohnVuliGate girls tried to recreate viral video on live TV and it just wasn't it

These young ladies managed to inspire a whole new dance wave in South Africa this year, but it seems as if the country is over them now...

John Vuligate Screenshot

The girls had already performed on Idols SA and Mzansi Insider since their dance video went viral.

Then they went live on TV again one Sunday...

Things did not go according to plan, with viewers not happy with their recreation or the effort put in.

Watch the live performance below: 

Read some of Mzansi's responses to the performance below: 

Eish, maybe certain things need not be recreated and one should just revel in the awesomeness of what was?

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