WATCH | "He took her kidney and ran!"

WATCH | "He took her kidney and ran!"

He wasn't 'kidney'ing' around.

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Colleen jumped at the chance to save her boyfriend's life six years ago, only for him to cheat on her seven months later and subsequently break-up.

‘To the world you may be one person but to that one person you may be their world.’

When Colleen and her boyfriend initiated their relationship at 17 years old, her boyfriend had been honest about his battle with chronic kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease entailed him having to be on dialysis with his kidney functioning at just 5% of the average capacity!

In a series of viral TikTok videos, Colleen (@colleeniie) explains her decision to go under the knife in order for her boyfriend to have this lifesaving procedure - and create hope for a “normal” life.

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“I decided to get tested to see if we were a match because I didn’t watch him die.” - Colleen

Luckily, the surgeries were both a big success and they made a full recovery despite the appalling betrayal from her boyfriend.

Colleen, who was once her boyfriend’s world, became another “it’s not you, it’s me” story when her boyfriend had the nerve to cheat on her seven months later.

In some follow-up videos, Colleen explains how her ex told her he was going to a bachelor party in Las Vegas with some guys from his church.

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During this period, Colleen was in the middle of her final exams and had complete trust in her long-term boyfriend.

However, her heart was later shattered when her boyfriend showed up on her front porch and confessed to cheating on her during this trip.

“A lot of arguments later, I eventually forgave him and gave him a second chance,” she says.

Although just three months later, her boyfriend phoned her and dumped her over the phone! The break-up only got messier from there when her boyfriend stated that she only donated her kidney “to look good”.

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Because it’s so normal for someone to donate a vital organ for clout?!

Many viewers have taken to TikTok to publicly address her boyfriend's actions, offer support and words of affirmation towards Colleen, as well as educate about kidney donation.

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One viewer wrote: “A part of you will literally always be with him”. 

Another said, “Whatever scar it left him will be a constant reminder forever. I’m sorry, this is AWFUL.”

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