WATCH: Little girl rejects store treats, loves her 'Magwinya Lady'

WATCH: Little girl rejects store treats, loves her 'Magwinya Lady'

The Magwinya saga continues as store-bought is not the way for this little one.

Screenshot of a video showing a little girl trying shop-bought Magwinyas
@being_a_mom / TikTok

She’s back, but not with her Magwinya of choice…

Kayla Van Nieuwenhuizen on TikTok shared a little clip of her kids trying out shop-bought Magwinyas - but things didn’t work out too well.

Kayla’s young daughter has an undeniable love for a street vendor she affectionately calls the ‘Magwinya Lady’. When Kayla decided to switch things up a bit, her daughter was sceptical but keen.

After showing her kids the shop-bought treats, they got ready to try them.

It was an immediate “YUCK” from her daughter. It seems no one can compare to the 'Magwinya Lady'! Take a look at the clip here:

@being_a_mom We tried Woolies Magwinya’s. Check out Hazel’s review 😂😂😂 #magwenya #wooliesmagwinya #warona #magwenyagirl #momsoftiktok #kidsbelike #fyp #southafrica #proudlysouthafrican🇿🇦 #southafricatiktok🇿🇦 ♬ original sound - Kayla Van Nieuwenhuizen

We’ve been following their journey with the 'Magwinya Lady', from the first taste!

Previously, we reported on mom, Kayla, stopping to purchase the delicious treat for her baby girl. 

Her little girl spent time talking to the joyous street vendor, now affectionately dubbed 'Magwinya Lady'. 

The video then cuts to a happy little girl nomming away on her magwinya and our hearts could not handle the cuteness!

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Images courtesy of TikTok

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