READ: SA hilariously reacts to Putin setting his sights on Durban

READ: SA hilariously reacts to Putin setting his sights on Durban

The biggest "lol" this week...

Putin map durban

This Photoshopped image has Durban RIP-pped!

Putin is plotting around Durban and SA can't deal!

Have a look below:

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Mzansi really has a talent for finding humour in the darkest of times... especially now with the rumours of WW3 rising.ย 

While the rest of the world is fretting over the fate of the Ukraine, we have found humour in what appears to be a Photoshopped image of Russian President Vladimir Putin supposedly โ€œplotting to make a move on Durbanโ€.

Everyone around SA who has seen this tweet is having a laugh.


On Monday, 28 February, a Twitter user with the handle @life_after_18 shared a picture ofย Putin sitting in a jet while pointing his finger towards Durban on a map.

Obviously this picture was Photoshopped, but it was still a daring post on his part not knowing how South Africans would react.

The picture was captioned in isiZulu saying, "He is pointing at Durban", with a laughing emoji.

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The comments really had "no skaam" with funny jokes about the people of Durban and how they would deal with Putin and his troops.

Have a look below:

As you can see, many South Africans made light of this very touchy situation.ย 

We hope that funny posts like this continue to fill South African Twitter threads and, in the meantime, we hope Putin stays in his lane.ย 

Otherwise we will put-him in the naughty corner.

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