VIRAL: Overseas tourists are one with the lions in trending video

VIRAL: Overseas tourists are one with the lions in trending video

When in South Africa...

Viral lion video
Michael Gabriel / Youtube

Taking eye of the tiger and heart of the lion to a whole new level with this video that is blowing up on the internet. 

The excitement, interest, and crazy noises are all part of this epic video. 

Watch below: 

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What started off as a casual walk “in the long grass” became a prevalent video among the tourist society. 

Often you see tourists perfectly sheltered in their 4 X 4 or game drive cars, yet this group of explorers decided to be one with nature and its ferocious beings.

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This video captures four lions standing with their caretaker, who has food for them. The caretaker of the lions feeds them one by one and they all sit in one spot. 

The tourists work their magic and get up close and personal with these four cats.


The video that was posted by a YouTuber named Michael Gabriel is sparking polar reactions from people all over the world. 

Some users have said: 

“I will always watch lions and other big from the comfort and safety of an SUV.” 

“I wouldn't trust any of the lions especially the one that kept going to the back of the man, contemplating whether or not to jump at his neck from behind."

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Don’t even lie, half of the people living in SA haven’t experienced this. 

So what’s the verdict? Would you be a tourist in your hometown or a Scared Suzie? 


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