VIDEO: University lecture turns into unexpected groove

VIDEO: University lecture turns into unexpected groove

Big vibes in this lecture...

University lecture hall turned groove
University lecture hall turned groove/ TikTok

Tertiary education is a privilege that not all South Africans are fortunate enough to have access to. The student life is one that requires balance. Being able to juggle absorbing large amounts of information, working, and having a social life can be tough.

A recent video capturing these worlds colliding has been circulating social media. According to @gaz_deejay, this is allegedly a University of KwaZulu-Natal lecture that turned into a groove.

Check out how the students were moving to the beat at this party:

@gaz_deejay Lecture Venue Turns To Groove #ukznstudents #SAMA28 #fyp #ukzn #gqom #fypage #trending ♬ original sound - Penguin Ehlathini

Talk about multi-tasking! These students appear to be looking at something on the projector while vibing to music amidst the fluorescent lights and smoke machine. The question on everyone’s minds is, how...

While no updates have been shared by the university, the comments section has shared some of their own thoughts:

  • “Who approved this”
  • “Maybe I need another degree”
  • “OMG I love this song”
  • “Why don’t y’all invite us”
  • “Haibo, this is my maths lecture hall. When was this?”
  • “The one day you decide to skip class…”

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Who knew you could move and groove while trying to absorb calculus? The comments section is pure gold, from questioning who approved this shindig to contemplating the need for another degree, this Only In South Africa moment has gone viral.

Cheers to the tricky task of balancing of student life.

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