Three reasons why we are proud to be Springbok supporters

Three reasons why we are proud to be Springbok supporters

We are synonymous for making a plan...

A baby is dressed like Faf de Klerk for Halloween
A baby is dressed like Faf de Klerk for Halloween/TikTok Screenshot/@papa_francu

The buzz around the Springboks winning the World Cup has really filled our cup up as South Africans. 

We needed this win more than we realised. We are so proud to have the Springboks representing us because they mirror so much of what we want to strive towards as a nation. 

This is true regardless of our age or background, as when it comes to representing us, there's no one we would rather have than our Bokke (and our Proteas). 

In saying that, we found three videos on social media that highlight the three reasons we are proud to support the Springboks. 

The first one is of a scholar at his school assembly, showing that innovation is so important to our success as a country.

Check out the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@kingluu7 #springboks ♬ original sound - Noms Toto

Secondly, love yourself. All our Springboks are unique in their own way. If anything, this World Cup taught us about owning your truth, standing up for yourself, and standing up for what you believe in. 

When the French were disrespecting Faf de Klerk because of his size, he stood up and clapped instead of matching their energy. 

Don't stoop down to anyone's level, stand up and stand proud. 

Watch the moment and how he handled it, courtesy of TikTok

@lolasmallwaters #fafdeklerk #springboks #rugbyworldcup2023 #france #southafrica #SAMA28 #stadedefrance ♬ Dramatic Military - Faid rafanda


Of course, the third reason is always finding the time to be entertained and entertaining. 

If anything, Faf de Klerk has taught us to own what makes you different, because it's okay to stand out from the crowd. Staying true to who you are is what truly matters. 

Watch how this baby is dressed as Faf de Klerk for Halloween and how the older kids cheer him on. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@papa_francu Halloween Faf de Klerk Outfit. #SAMA28 #fafdeklerk #springboks #springbokke #rugby #southafrica #springbokrugby #rwc2023 #mzansi #mzansistreets #suidafrika #southafricatiktok #fypsouthafrica ♬ Underworld (Slowed + Reverb) - Unaverage Gang
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