You're stranded on a desert island and can only pick one Bok

You're stranded on a desert island and can only pick one Bok

From Faf to Eben, we have reached out to fellow East Coasters with a unique dilemma.

Springbok island
Springbok island / canva

Imagine being stranded on a remote desert island with none other than a Springbok rugby player by your side. 

While it may seem like a bizarre and unlikely scenario, let's explore how such a situation could turn into an unexpected adventure...

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Having a Springbok rugby player by your side while enduring the unknown elements of a fictitious island means you've got a natural leader on your side. These athletes possess qualities such as determination, discipline, and teamwork, which would be invaluable for survival.

Additionally, they're no strangers to adversity, and their problem-solving skills would come in handy for finding food, building shelter, and staying safe.

The East Coast Breakfast team have shared which Bok they would want as their island companion:

  • Darren Maule - "I would choose Faf as he eats less."
  • Sky Tshabalala- "Bongi is my pick as he will be on my kant."
  • Carmen - "I have to go with Eben. He can be put to work and can withstand manual labour."


In case you missed it, the Springboks pulled off a spectacular win by a single point - again! As you can imagine, this had our East Coast Breakfast team at the edge of their seats, desperate for the final whistle to seal the win. 

Sky made a bet, lost, and ended up getting the Rugby World Cup dates tattooed on him! 

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In celebration of our nation's win, we are giving away 10 Springbok tattoos in collaboration with Surreal Tattoos. Share which player you would take to the island in the post below:  

TUNE IN to East Coast breakfast at 06:00 to find out if you are one of the lucky listeners to secure this tattoo.LISTEN LIVE HERE.

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Where to see the Springboks' trophy tour in KZN: 

Durban Tour: 4 November

• 09h30 : Start at Garden Court Aurora Drive

• Left into Centenary Blvd

• Right into Umhlanga Rocks Drive over M41

• Right into Kennith Kaunda Drive

• Take Kennith Kaunda Drive that becomes Blackburn Road

• Left into Chris Hani R102

• Right into Queen Nandi Drive

• Left on Malendela Road

• On Malendela Road onto Inanda Road

• Right onto N2 for 800m and Left onto Umgeni Road

• Left into R102 Chris Hani Road around Roadhouse Crescent

• Right Onto Riverside Road towards the M4 Ruth First Highway

• Left onto Athlone , Snell Parade

• Right onto Anton Lambede Street

• Right into West street

• Left turn into Mahatma Ghandhi

• Right Turn into Anton Lambede Street

• Right Turn into Russel Street

• Right Turn West Street , Stopping at City Hall

• After City Hall Continue with West str , Right Turn into Mahatma Ghandhi street

• Left Turn into Caperdown Rd

• Right Turn into Seine Road , Enter Ushaka Marine World Bus Parking for private lunch with the Premier Press conference with selected players

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