THREAD: 10 things men wish other men would STOP doing

THREAD: 10 things men wish other men would stop doing

Men are sharing the things they wish other men would stop doing!


Dear men,

Please stop doing these things.


Other men

A thread about the things men wish other men would stop doing on Reddit has gone viral - and we're loving it!

We asked J Sbu which ones he wanted other men to know and his choices were options 1 and 6.

We also asked some of the friends of the show which ones they agreed with the most and put together a list of the 10 things men want other men to stop doing. 

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Take a look at the responses below and tell us which one resonates with you the most.

1. "Stop whining about women talking about their periods, even if it's at work. It's something nearly half the human population goes through for much of their lives, and it isn't the big deal you think it is."


2. "Peeing on the floor in front of the urinal. What's wrong with you? Now, everyone else has to either step in your pee or try to long-distance pee into the urinal."


3. "Failing to wash their hands after using a public bathroom. If straight women knew how many men do this, they'd never want to touch a man again."


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4. "Stop telling other men to 'man up' or 'be a man' whenever they show an ounce of sadness or fear."


5. "As someone who plays a lot of online games, STOP HARASSING FEMALE GAMERS. It's wild how 75% of the time, a woman says anything on mic and immediately gets berated with sexist comments or sexually harassed. It's ridiculous what women have to deal with if they want to use their voice to communicate in online games. Please call out the people who treat women like s**t online."


6. "Not pulling their weight in the household. The amount of times I see friends of mine not doing chores as much as their wives, or just not helping, is infuriating. It's not the '50s anymore, bro."


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7. "Stop unnecessarily touching women in public if you're trying to move past them — or, really at all. There's no reason for it and it makes women very uncomfortable."


8. "Stop handling rejection so poorly and know when to leave a woman alone. 'Hey, you wanna grab a drink sometime? No? OK, cool, have a good one.' How hard is that? And guess what, if she said no today, that doesn't mean you should ask her again in two days and hope her answer changes. Leave her alone."


9. "Not letting themselves and other men cry. We're human, meaning we have emotions. Every time a man gets told that he's a 'b***h' for crying, it becomes damaging."


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10. "Thinking that every social interaction has to be a contest about money, job titles, and where you graduated."


You can check out the full thread below if you want some tips, gents.

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